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    McDonald's USA: Response to Chicken McNugget Rumors


    We welcome the conversation about our food. What's really important is that people have the truth & facts. While there are some rumors and pictures circulating on the internet, many of them do not follow sound science or include the proven facts about Chicken McNuggets.

    Our Chicken McNuggets are made from real, quality ingredients and prepared by trusted suppliers that must adhere to not only all food safety laws and regulations, but also our high standards. There is no secret to what's in Chicken McNuggets, the ingredients are already easily found on our website including USDA-inspected white meat chicken and a crunchy tempura batter.

    A fractional amount of a preservative and a miniscule drop of an additive is added to the vegetable oil to prevent foaming and spattering while frying. It’s that simple. Customers can be reassured that these are common and fully-approved ingredients that are completely safe and have been used for decades.

    Just as important, these safe and approved ingredients are found in bread, frozen vegetables, canned fruit, soups, cereal, cocoa, candy, crackers, instant noodles and vegetable, sunflower and canola oils ... hardly a scary list for consumers.

    The use of these ingredients has been approved for many years by government food safety authorities and regulatory agencies around the world, such as the U.S. FDA, European Union Parliament, and the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives.

    Full list of ingredients in the Chicken McNugget:

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