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    McDonald’s Statement on McRib Rumors


    The McDonald’s McRib is made using only real, quality ingredients, including 100% real pork shaped into the iconic McRib patty our customers love. The McRib, does not, however, contain yoga mats or harmful chemicals. The truth is, McDonald’s is committed to safe, quality ingredients that provide our customers the taste and consistency they expect from us. All of the ingredients we use in our tangy McRib sauce or our bun are only those that are common in the food industry and approved safe by the FDA and other food regulatory bodies.

    So Why The Rumors?

    The truth is a small amount of Azodicarbonamide, a common flour-bleaching ingredient, is used in our McRib bun. This is a common food additive and is used in many items on your grocer’s shelves, including many hot dog buns and other bread products that you probably already purchase. It is regulated under the FDA and is considered safe. It is not a yoga mat, plastic or rubber.

    A variation of Azodicarbonamide has commercial uses and is used in the production of some foamed plastics, like exercise mats. But this shouldn’t be confused with the food-grade variation of this ingredient.

    A full list of the ingredients used in our McRib sandwich and its bun are listed here. 

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