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Charlie Robeson

Chief Restaurant Officer

Charlie Robeson is currently the Chief Restaurant  Officer, responsible for all company-owned restaurants, U.S. Operations, Franchising, Development, Experience of the Future, Franchise Relations and U.S. - IT.
Charlie is known for his focus on excellence, expertise and maximizing his team’s potential through consistent execution. Charlie challenges his team to “better their best” as they live out the Company’s values while driving results.
Robeson began his career with McDonald’s as a crewperson in Dayton, Ohio 40 years ago and has served in a variety of roles including Restaurant Manager, Area Supervisor, Operations Consultant, Field Service Manager, Director of Operations, Quality, Service and Cleanliness Vice President. Charlie was the Vice President & General Manager of the Florida Region for seven years until he joined the West Division in 2011.  From 2011-2014 he was the Senior Vice President & Restaurant Support Officer of the West Division for McDonald’s USA, which is located in Scottsdale, Arizona where he oversaw the operations for more than 4,300 restaurants in the Western third of the United States, representing nearly $10 billion in sales.
Robeson is an active leader.  He lives and teaches the model of customer above all else.  He serves as the sponsor for the company’s Leadership Communication Program and is a long-term member of the System Economic Team and serves on various People and Diversity teams.
Charlie and his wife Patti have three children and one granddaughter.  In addition to spending time with his family, Charlie enjoys riding motorcycles, playing golf and exercising.