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You are the Apple to my Pie

July 4, 2016
You are the Apple to my Pie

July 04, 2016 Old-fashioned Apple Pie with a homemade taste and aroma to match made with apples, the right blend of spices and a tender, flaky crust. Apple Pie is a delicious and quintessential American dessert that is enjoyed by many families and this McDonald’s menu item has a great story.

Here’s 10 things you should know about McDonald’s Apple Pies:

  1. The handpicked apples used in McDonald’s Apple Pies are 100 percent American grown from multi-generational family farmers.
  2. Pies are freshly baked in our kitchens every day and served warm.
  3. Six varieties of apples are used in the pies, including Golden Delicious, Jonagold, Rome, Gala, Ida Red and Fuji.
  4. The Apple Pie recipe was developed by Franchisee Litton Cochran from Knoxville, Tennessee who opened the city’s first McDonald’s and the company’s 200th location in 1960.
  5. The Apple Pie was the first dessert added to McDonald’s menu in 1968 (its friend the Big Mac also joined the national menu that year).
  6. The original fried Apple Pie was replaced in 1992 with the baked Apple Pie due to customer preference and trends.
  7. Always Innovating! McDonald’s Culinary Team is currently testing a new recipe using sliced apples (versus diced apples) with a lattice top crust. The new Apple Pie is being tested in North Carolina and Southern California.
  8. McDonald’s continues to appeal to regional tastes and preferences and has offered U.S. customers more than 40 pie varieties from Strawberry and Pineapple to Lemon and Pumpkin.
  9. Some favorites around the world are Taro and Sweet Corn in China. Blackcurrant and Chocolate Custard are crowd pleasers in Europe. 
  10. The McDonaldland Characters, including the Apple Pie Tree were introduced in 1971.