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McDonald’s In The Community

Celebrate the RMHC Day of Change on October 15th

October 12, 2018

RMHC Warner Family

Your small change helps keep families together

The Warder Family

Last year alone, spare change from McDonald’s customers helped RMHC provide more than 350,000 overnight stays to families with sick children. Your small change may not seem like much, but it makes a world of difference to families like McKayla’s.

Born with just half a heart, McKayla has faced serious challenges all her seven years. Together with her mom, Rajeanne, dad, Justin, and her siblings, she is waiting for a new heart.

“Every time things have taken a new turn, Ronald McDonald House has been there for us, so we can be close when we need it most, and love each other up” as Rajeanne says. 

As an infant, baby McKayla showed her “mightiness” as Rajeanne calls it. She made history in medical books as only the third child worldwide to prevail after an experimental surgery to stabilize her. 

And now, waiting for the right moment for the transplant surgery is critical. When a donor heart becomes available, all has to be ready, and McKayla has to be within 2 hours of the hospital. This is why they are unable to return to their home—three and a half hours away. 

“Our family’s journey has taught us to take nothing for granted. To be together is the most precious thing of all.”

McKayla Warder and her family will continue to wait for the right time and the right donor so McKayla can finally have a heart that is as big and courageous as her spirit. Thanks to donors like you, they are able to stay together in the meantime. 

“We are so grateful to the people who donate and make this possible. I hope they know how important this is.”

On October 15th, celebrate Day of Change by dropping your spare change into RMHC Donation Boxes in participating McDonald’s restaurants so that families like McKayla’s can stay together when they need one another most.