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A Chance to Advance

October 13, 2015
A Chance to Advance

October 13, 2015 How fascinating it is to have so many people in one company with the passion and ability to make things happen. From high-speed bun toasters and energy-efficient grill hoods to Happy MealsHU Hamburger University, and the Ronald McDonald House … in sixty years, our people have created solutions that led an industry, changed lives, and impacted the world.
In 2015, the company started covering tuition for all English Under the Arches (EUA) classes- a component of “Archways to Opportunity.”  EUA is a language class offered to McDonald’s restaurant employees to develop the next generation of bilingual employees. McDonald’s creates a team of confident and capable restaurant crew and managers who achieve more than they ever thought possible.
Better communication is great for any business. It enables relationship building and better productivity while driving up employee retention.  Plus, those employees are proud, confident and thankful for the opportunity to lead.
A proud General Manager, Dimas Alvarez works for the Caspers Company in Tampa. “Not many companies would welcome someone the way I’ve been welcomed,” says Alvarez. “The best way I know to say ‘thank you’ is to show them how their belief in me will pay off – and be dedicated and focused on the business.”
The Caspers knew it was critical to offer development opportunities for their crew members, especially since 90% of their managers start as crew. So back in 2010, when they heard about the program, they decided to give it a try.
“It is amazing,” says Caspers Company Vice president and Training Manager Robbie Oberle. “I’m really touched when I see how the EUA program grows confidence, and motivates them in their business and personal lives. You see people excel – leading others, buying their first car or their first home, speaking with teachers and doctors, and making their children proud. When I hear their stories … I think ‘This is opportunity,’ and I’m just so proud to be a part of it.”
Since they began the program in 2010, 86% of their graduates are still with the company.
When Cuban-born Kitchen Department Manager Dianelys Escobar started working at McDonald’s, she admits communication was difficult.

“The English I knew was ‘yes, no, and thank you.’” Says Dianelys. “But now I communicate better here at the job, at the grocery store, I’m able to go to the baby’s doctor appointments, I don’t have fear to answer the telephone and talk to people, and … it’s perfect.”

Caspers Company started their training program in 1978.  They credit their commitment to training to Second Generation owner Joe Casper, father of Blake and Allison, who “surrounded himself with great people” and “grew a culture of training.” Caspers Co built a facility in 1998 to provide additional training and meeting space. The large room can accommodate nearly 100 people and divides into 3 smaller rooms. In addition to English Under the Arches, they provide Crew Trainer classes, ServSafe Certification training, and LMS “Help Days” for Intro to Management classes. All classes are offered in English and Spanish.

“People are surprised by the tenure of Caspers Company employees,” says Oberle. “We just believe in taking care of our people here. Take care of your people and they’ll take care of you.”