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Confidence to Dream Big

March 8, 2019

Claudia Moran was a crew member at a restaurant in London, and is now a global IT apprentice at McDonald’s and pursuing a college degree with the company’s financial support.

Claudia Moran is ready to imagine herself at the top of the corporate ladder.

“One of the greatest things I’ve learnt in my time at McDonald’s is if I work hard enough, it shouldn’t be a problem for me to get to a leadership position,” she says. “I’m confident that at this company that is possible.”

Claudia is preparing to finish her degree in digital and technology solutions at University of West London, while also apprenticing through McDonald’s on the company’s Global Technology Risk Management team. 

“We’re not paying anything to go to university,” she explains.  “We’re not being asked to pay back anything if we don’t get a job at the end.”

In 2018, McDonald’s joined the European Alliance for Apprenticeships to help improve access to vocational training for young people and pledged to offer 43,000 apprenticeships across Europe by 2025 along with participating franchisees. The initiative builds on existing programs at McDonald’s Germany and UK.
“It’s a great program,” Claudia says. “I feel absolutely supported. I think they have been quite generous in terms of dedicating the amount of time to us as apprentices because at the beginning we needed a lot of time to be able to do the job.”

Claudia’s immediate goal is a full-time employment with her current team. And then, who knows?

“If you ask me to dream big, I would become Chief Information Security Officer,” she says. “McDonald’s has given me the confidence to believe that if I work hard enough, I can get it. There’s nothing I can’t achieve.