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Twin General Managers Receive Their MBAs with the Help of the Archways to Opportunity Education Program

June 6, 2018

Preston and Desmond 1

Desmond and Preston ̶ McDonald’s General Managers and twins ̶ are a great example of perseverance and leadership. They both started their McDonald’s career in 2004 and have progressed to now become General Managers in two different restaurants in Florida. They credit the McDonald’s Archways to Opportunity education program in assisting them to learn leadership skills and obtain both their Bachelor and Master of Business Administration Degrees from accredited Florida schools. In 2016, they started their higher education journey and recently graduated from the University of Central Florida. Read more about their recent graduation and future plans with McDonald’s below. 

Preston and Desmond 2

When did you start your career with McDonald’s? 
Preston and Desmond: We started when we were 15 years old because we wanted to save money for a car. We quickly realized that we could have a career with McDonald’s and have been fortunate to work in several restaurants in Pensacola, Tallahassee and now in Orlando. We both became General Managers in 2011 and were excited to be leading a restaurant team.

What skills have you learned at McDonald’s? 
Preston and Desmond: McDonald’s helped us learn key business skills which prepared us for graduate school. As General Managers we were ahead of the curve in understanding management responsibilities, score cards, prioritizing, multitasking, how to lead and inspire a team. We learned early on that McDonald’s valued pursuing your education. Our McDonald’s encouraged and empowered us to get our Bachelor’s and MBA by giving us flexible schedules and tuition assistance. For the past two years, we have been taking night classes to obtain our graduate degree. Our family and friends are so proud of us for finally graduating with our MBA from the University of Central Florida.

How has the Archways to Opportunity program changed your life? 
Preston: We were able to get our degrees and have zero debt because of the tuition assistance provided by the Archways to Opportunity program. Our management team supported us going to school and providing us with flexible schedules. You don’t find that kind of support very often.
Desmond: As a General Manager, I share my personal story with new team members to highlight the different education benefits. McDonald’s can provide them a career path to continue to grow.

Now that you have your MBA, what’s next? 
Desmond: I would like to continue to grow with the brand and obtain a leadership position in either strategic planning or finance at McDonald’s.
Preston: My short term goal is to gain exposure to other areas within McDonald’s. I would like to continue to grow with the company and eventually have an executive level position.

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