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Partnership for a Healthier America Highlights McDonald's Commitment to Families

May 11, 2018
PHA Summit

Silvia Lagnado Highlights McDonald’s Commitment to Families at Partnership for a Healthier America’s “Innovating a Healthier Future Summit”

On May 3, McDonald’s Global Chief Marketing Officer Silvia Lagnado joined Alliance for a Healthier Generation CEO Howell Wechsler for a conversation on their work together during the plenary session of Partnership for a Healthier America’s “Innovating a Healthier Future” Summit in Washington, DC.

Partnership for a Healthier America is one of the US’s leading organizations focused on the issue of child obesity and the summit brought together corporations, non-profit organizations and others to discuss how innovation can create change around children’s food choices and activities. Lagnado and Wechsler’s discussion, “The Happy Meal: Driving Impact and Innovation,” focused on how Alliance for a Healthier Generation (“Healthier Generation”) and McDonald’s are combining their strengths to impact children’s meals.

McDonald’s and Healthier Generation first joined forces in 2013 to develop a comprehensive plan for 20 major markets to increase customers’ access to fruit, vegetables, low-fat dairy and water. More recently, we collaborated with Healthier Generation to expand our commitment to families with five new Global Happy Meal Goals to continue our progress in making it easier for families to choose balanced options.

During their session at the Summit, Lagnado highlighted our new goals, including how we will use innovative marketing to help increase purchase of recommended food groups.

McDonald’s has already seen the impact of this work with Healthier Generation. For example, when soda was removed from the Happy Meal section of U.S. menu boards, analysis showed positive shifts in consumer behavior and the number of Happy Meals including water, milk, or juice as the beverage choice increased by 14 percentage points.

Lagnado stressed the importance of our collaboration as we work towards achieving our Global Happy Meal Goals. Working with Healthier Generation, McDonald’s will continue making meaningful changes for the millions of families who visit our restaurants.