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OPINION: Conservation International Blog on McDonald’s Climate Commitment

March 28, 2018
Conservation International

Conservation International’s editorial director Bruno Vander Velde lauds McDonald’s plan to decrease its greenhouse gas emissions

Last week, we announced our plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to McDonald’s restaurants and supply chain by 2030, prompting environmental voices to applaud on our Climate Action.  Conservation International’s Blog praised McDonald’s move, saying we have “raised the bar for corporate sustainability.”


From Conservation International:

Taken together, these changes will eliminate the same amount of emissions as the carbon footprint of Belgium. The company’s no-deforestation pledge is of particular importance to the climate — protecting forests alone represents at least 30 percent of all mitigation action needed to prevent catastrophic climate change.

“Since the Paris Agreement [in 2015], we’ve recognized that climate change is a shared responsibility across the public and private sectors, and companies have stepped up to the task,” said Shyla Raghav, Conservation International’s climate lead. “There are still many more companies that need to get on board, but this announcement is a hopeful step for more participation and ambition from the private sector.”

Read the full Conservation International Blog here.


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